Debbie Sickler-Voigt (Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.) has a passion for teaching and learning that is contagious! As a Professor of Art Education she designs curriculum and creative activities that make a positive difference in children’s and adolescents’ lives. Examples of these include research from her forthcoming textbook Art Education: Thriving in Teaching and Learning  and her international community art projects. Bridging theory with practice, her research and creative scholarship offer educators effective strategies for teaching successfully in today’s complex educational settings. She mentors pre-service and practicing teachers so that they have the skills they need to develop quality visual arts programming that presents meaningful subject matter and provides students with artistic choices through the National Visual Arts Standards’ framework of creating, presenting, responding, and connecting.

Greetings from Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.

Inspirations and Real World Teaching Experience

Her artistic inspiration began in her childhood during which she created art with her grandmother. Her family supported her passion for art, which led to her ultimate desire to share her knowledge with others. Dr. Sickler-Voigt knows what it is like to work with real world children. Prior to university teaching, she taught in K-12 schools with large populations of children with

at-risk tendencies, students with special needs, and English language learners. She also designed afterschool programs for talented youth with at-risk tendencies.

Professional Skills

In 2014, she received the distinction of being promoted to the rank of full professor at Middle Tennessee State University. She has been recognized for her national and international community service projects that unite intergenerational populations in creating theme-based artworks that serve the needs of community participants. She has published the results of her research in the textbook Art Education for Social Justice, as well as in the Journal of Art Education, Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, and Focus on Inclusive Education.


Additionally, she has received awards for her development of instructional technology resources and comprehensive teaching methods—including the Outstanding Art Educator in Higher Education Award by the Tennessee Art Education Association. Her service to the profession includes serving as an inaugural editorial board member for the Journal of Art for Life and reviewing publications for the National Art Education Association’s Publications and Materials Committee.

International Service

On an international level, Dr. Sickler-Voigt has developed International Kids’ Guernica Project murals exhibited in Bali, Indonesia and Brenderup, Denmark. She developed a Scandinavian Study Abroad program through which she and her university students teach comprehensive art lessons to children in Scandinavian schools and also teach in Scandinavian museums. She has formed partnerships with the Northern Norway’s Rucksack Program/Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter and participated in a residency at Kunstnerhuset Lofoten in the Arctic Circle (Svolvaer, Norway). She has the privilege of being invited to serve as a Foreign Panel Juror for the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lidice’s 43rd Exhibition in Lidice, Czech Republic. She has recently been awarded a sabbatical for the Fall 2015 semester to pursue creative scholarship on international children’s development in art.

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Debbie Sickler-Voigt is driven to utilize her professional knowledge and expertise to prepare teachers and students for active participation in our global society. Please feel free to contact her with your questions, request consultation services, and book speaking engagements.

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