Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.
Art Assessment

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The following represent a sampling of Dr. Sickler-Voigt’s assessment workshops:


Formative Assessment

Get started on developing formative assessments that assist students in reaching learning targets and improve instructional practices. Learn strategies for combining formative assessments with descriptive feedback to check for student understanding, monitor progress, and implement fair grading procedures.


Rubric Development

Create innovative rubrics for guiding choice-based learning activities and planning student learning outcomes. This workshop explains how to use rubrics as formative and summative assessments. Learn how to design original rubrics that align with curricular standards using measurable objectives, daily learning targets, student-friendly language, and performance scales with numbers, descriptor words, icons, and point values.


Understanding Art Assessment

Get started with developing measurable art assessments. Learn how to connect assessments to lesson objectives, curricular goals, and visual arts standards. See how using authentic assessment tools leads to student effectiveness and best teaching practice.


Assessment Action Plan: Small Changes, Big Results

Learn how to make assessment an integral component of your daily teaching practice. Develop a personally-driven assessment action plan that meets students’ needs, addresses educational standards, and achieves criteria on formal teacher evaluations.


Assessing Student Art

Experience the invigorating practice of developing objective grading assessments that measure a wide range of students’ performances. Learn how to develop numeric scoring devices, rubrics, and checklists to report learning outcomes to students, parents, and administrators.


Mastering TEAM: Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model

Understand how the TEAM evaluation connects to art instruction. Learn how to make its criteria a natural part of your daily teaching practice to help students grow and improve teaching practice. Content include planning, instruction, and managing the classroom environment.


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