Art Education:
Thriving in Teaching & Learning

Art Education: Thriving in Teaching & Learning’s comprehensive, student-centered design provides proven tips and innovative methods for teaching, managing, and assessing all aspects of art instruction and student learning in today’s diversified educational settings. It demonstrates best practices in art education and explains current theories and assessment models for art instruction. The textbook presents meaningful lessons that fuse contemporary artists’ works, big ideas, art production methods, and inquiry to connect instructional content to students’ lives. Its astounding collection of internationally acclaimed PreK-12 student artworks embody what children can achieve through quality art instruction. Art Education: Thriving in Teaching & Learning’s engaging exemplars assist teachers in challenging students to think creatively, problem-solve, and develop 21st century skills as lifelong learners.


       This art education methods textbook is highly unique and relevant because it identifies the concerns teachers have and provides clear answers to assist teachers and students in thriving and succeeding in educational spaces and beyond. It offers strategies for teaching differentiated learners; advocating for the art program; obtaining program funding; expressing teacher creativity; and maintaining a positive and professional teaching career. Users will discover ways to utilize and adapt the textbook’s informative resources to suit their personal instructional needs.


by Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.

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 Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.

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