Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.
Assessment Literate Teachers and Students

Dr. Sickler-Voigt’s collection of assessment tools serve as quality resources that assist educators in becoming assessment literate practitioners who have a thorough knowledge of assessment and know how to select from multiple assessment tools to achieve quality outcomes.


Her scholarship on assessment documents the many pathways educators can take to make informed judgments as assessment literate practitioners who use formative and summative assessments to empower students as they strive to reach learning targets and improve teaching and learning practices. Dr. Sickler-Voigt’s assessments are relevant, accessible, and timely for educators at all levels. She presents theories, research, and practices on assessments in user-friendly language that are highly applicable for teaching in today’s diversified education settings.


Her scholarship and presentations identify how assessment literate educators:


    • apply their knowledge of assessment to strengthen teaching practices


    • mold students into competent and creative individuals who possess a full range of 21st Century skills, and


    • inform administrators and policy makers of the value of an education through art as part of a well-rounded education in our schools and beyond.


She assists educators in developing personally-driven assessment action plans for analyzing learning outcomes, making interpretations, and reporting assessment results.


Dr. Sickler-Voigt has been recognized for her leadership in teaching assessment. Her accomplishments include serving as the senior editor for the National Art Education Association’s White Papers on Assessment and consulting for the development of NAEA’s Formative Assessment Poster.

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