Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.
Curriculum Development

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The following represent a sampling of Dr. Sickler-Voigt’s curriculum development workshops:


Planning the Comprehensive Art Curriculum

Plan exhilarating student learning activities through a comprehensive art curriculum. Learn how to develop choice-based curricular activities that assist students in achieving desired learning outcomes with pre-established goals and organized instructional content.


Implementing Big Ideas

“Big ideas are broad topics students study in-depth to address significant life issues that are relevant to humankind.” Learn how to develop multimedia lessons using big ideas that inspire student learning. Lead students to their fullest creative potential by linking big ideas with comprehensive art instruction and Visual Arts Standards.


Children’s Artistic Development

Stimulate your senses and generate fresh ideas on children’s artistic development using the latest theories, resources, and exemplary children’s artworks as inspirations to augment your curriculum and inspire students.


Teaching with Contemporary Art

Enhance your curriculum by teaching about contemporary artists and the significant themes that drive their work. Ignite student curiosity and creativity with lessons that encourage students to investigate real world issues, make informed judgments about art, and design meaningful artworks in a range of art media.


Scandinavian Art and Design

Integrate sensational Scandinavian art and designs into your curriculum. Spark students’ imaginations with lessons based on historic Viking Ships, wooden Stave Churches, contemporary fashion, public artworks, and fine art.

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