Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.
ICEFA Lidice

It is an honor to serve as an international juror for ICEFA Lidice. The children’s artworks are absolutely incredible and the result of the tremendous efforts.  I am so grateful to know Lidice’s dedicated staff and its kind and talented jurors.


The International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice (ICEFA Lidice) was implemented to pay tribute to all children victims of war. In 1942 the town of Lidice in the Czech Republic had been brutally ravished by the Nazi regime resulting in mass executions that included the majority of town’s innocent children—42 girls and 40 boys. As a means to honor and commemorate the fallen children of Lidice and all other children victims of war across the world, ICEFA Lidice began to collect and exhibit children’s artworks in 1967. Their exhibitions have become renowned events that receive 25,000 exemplary children’s artworks each year from schools around the world in 70 different countries. Each work in their collection focuses on a theme related to childhood to remind viewers about the value of peaceful living.

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