Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.

Since 2011, I have developed partnerships in Scandinavian countries and became the program director for MTSU’s Scandinavia Study Abroad program.


I guide pre-service teachers in a range of cultural and experiential learning opportunities from the Danish coastline to Norway’s Arctic Circle. Scandinavia is known for its idealistic landscapes, artistic design, and friendly atmosphere—with Scandinavian countries listed as some of the best places to live in the world and having the world’s happiest people. Its varied geographic features include magnificent fjords, glaciers, pristine coastlines, powerful seas, nature preserves, and the midnight sun. Throughout Scandinavia, participants will visit cultural sites including renowned museums, majestic palaces and castles, significant architectural structures, innovative theatres, public artworks, community schools, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.


I have made many local contacts that provide participants with program activities that move them beyond the typical tourist experience. Participants have unique opportunities to collaborate with teachers, artists, performers, and schoolchildren in Scandinavian schools, learn about the teaching profession, study works from art history in person, and create community works of art. Living with Scandinavian families for part of their study abroad experience, participants have the opportunity to emerge themselves in Scandinavia’s rich cultures.

Scandinavian Partnerships

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