Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Ph.D.

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The following represent a sampling of Dr. Sickler-Voigt’s Visual Arts Standards workshops:


Understanding Visual Arts Standards

Visual Arts Standards signify the learning outcomes students can achieve during their PreK-12 studies to become lifelong learners. Learn how to use the standards to design art curricula with end goals in mind through a process called backwards design. This method of instruction assists educators in predetermining how students can apply key learning content to develop into creative individuals who create, present, respond, and connect to learning activities.


Assessment Action Plan: Small Changes, Big Results

Learn how to make assessment an integral component of your daily teaching practice. Develop a personally-driven assessment action plan that meets students’ needs, addresses educational standards, and achieves criteria on formal teacher evaluations.


Implementing Big Ideas

“Big ideas are broad topics students study in-depth to address significant life issues that are relevant to humankind.” Learn how to develop multimedia lessons using big ideas that inspire student learning. Lead students to their fullest creative potential by linking big ideas with comprehensive art instruction and Visual Arts Standards.


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