I have extensive K-12 and university teaching experience. My teaching career began in Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Miami, Florida, which is known for excellence in art education. I have taught thousands of real world students in a range of school and community settings. In 2003, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a professor and started teaching at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). As part of my university tenure, I had the opportunity to teach and develop the entire undergraduate curriculum, which has guided students from their freshman through their senior years of study.

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The courses I have designed include best practices, experiential learning (EXL), and international teaching. My students are highly effective in gaining employment after graduation due to the rigorous professional training they receive—including multiple and varied K-16 teaching opportunities, working with diversified populations, museum education experiences, portfolio development, licensure preparation, and study abroad in Scandinavia (The Scandinavian countries have the top education systems in the world.)


International University Courses

ART 310: Art Education in the Elementary School. Kentucky Institute for International Studies. [KIIS]—Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

ART 3500: Study Abroad Studio: Community Art Education in Scandinavia. Middle Tennessee State University. Norway and Denmark

ART 3500: Study Abroad Studio: Teaching Scandinavian Art History & Visual Culture. Middle Tennessee State University. Norway and Denmark

ART 496: Special Topics in Studio Art: The Art Journal—Drawing as Reflective Practice. KIIS—Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden


University Courses at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

ART 2200: Introduction to Art Education

ART 2210: Art Activities and Appreciation in the Elementary School

ART 2230: Art for Early Childhood

ART 3200: Art for Teachers

ART 3210: Elementary Art Education Methods

ART 3220: Secondary Art Methods

ART 3230: Art Education Practicum

ART 3240: Curriculum Design for Aesthetics & Art Criticism in Art Education

ART 4000: Art Workshop: Discover Community Art

ART 4000: Mosaics and Murals

ART 4640: Advanced Art Problems

ART 5640: Advanced Art Problems

YOED 4020: Residency I

YOED 4110: Directed Teaching

YOED 4400: Residency II


Specialized Faculty Status

Rank of Full Professor

Member of Middle Tennessee State University GRADUATE Faculty

International Affairs Signature Faculty Led Program Developer (Scandinavia)

Kentucky Institute for International Study

Experiential Learning Faculty

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